Hey everyone, I’ve been off shampoos since abput 6 months and it’s been a rollercoaster since then. I started washing my hair with a mix of honey and water (warm water) and for a couple of months it worked GREAT - no oily hair or dandruff! But then dandruff started happening again. I read somewhere that the problem can be solved with lemon so I started adding that to my mix, however, no improvement. I continued with it and also started doing white vinegar masks for a few minutes every couple of weeks, yet no improvement. And in September I moved to Germany and it’s very cold here, so my dry scalp problem escalated. I used coconut oil once however it was SO hard to wash off that I just gave up and used shampoo, and of course the result was a horribly greasy head only 12 hours after washing but also still a lot of dandruff. I’m not sure what to do at this point as my dandruff is embarrassing and I don’t wanna go back to using shampoos or using masks/oils that require shampooing to wash off the smell. Whenever I use shampoo, regardless of what I did to my hair before it, it just undos it all, and screws up my natural oil balance. So what I need is a rinse or mask that can be washed out with just water and doesn’t leave a smell. Please help me out.


Have you tried massaging your scalp a lot when washing it? I hear that works for a lot of people. I had a very small dandruff problem which went away after I made sure i was properly massaging and cleansing my scalp. I only use water and it worked for me