No Poo Troutbleshooting


Hi guys!

I’ve been no poo for around 4 months now and I’m just trying to get through some kinks.
I started out with BS and ACV rinse once per week but I found that the roots of my hair became very dry and tangled. So, I tried to use less BS and to be less rough with my hair.
I then made a shampoo bar to use which is working really nicely. i cut out the ACVR because I’ve been using Henna and I feel like it strips and makes the colour run faster. I’ve been shampooing once per week but something isn’t right. The roots of my hair (roughly 4-5inches) always feels very nice and clean, not oily. But the rest of my hair feels stringy and it clumps together - I brush it out but it doesn’t feel nice after and gets tangled easily.
I’m not really sure what’s going on and I would appreciate some help.



maybe some sort of conditioner would help to soften and strengthen! You could use oils, acv with rosemary for clarifying, there are various powders you can make into tea rinses. If you use a tea rinse, you can even use a red tea as a base to help keep color in your hair. Just some ideas. Good luck!!


I’d rub some hair-oil (or a very small amount of say castor/olive/etc oil) into the base of your strands. You only need a very small drop on the palm of your hands, rub your hands together to spread it out and then rub it into the strands, give it a few mins, find a comb and run it under the tap and run it through your hair a few times, just to ‘dampen’ it, not soak it.
Your hair should suck in that moisture and the oil will form a barrier to help keep it locked in. Once dry, it should feel pretty nice, shiny and much easier to brush.

Since you said your roots are squeaky clean, the oil your roots produces isn’t present to brush down into strands to hydrate and protect your hair, leaving the lower end parched and easy to knot.
It’s stringy (thin and easy to break too?) and clumpy because there’s not enough hydration and lubrication.

You need oil in your hair for a healthy set of locks, it cleans, hydrates and makes your hair more manageable - You don’t want to remove the oil completely, just bring it to a more manageable level (You can still have oily hair that looks and feels great), making sure to brush at least once daily, from root to tip to help distribute that oil for your strands to soak up.

If you’re using BS in that bar of soap, I recommend not using it more than once a month. BS is really hard on hair, it strips it squeaky clean, which isn’t helpful for your hair and is counter-intuitive to training your scalp to produce just the ‘right amount’ of oil for your hair.