No Poo for everyone?!

Hello everybody,

the topic no poo has fascinated me now for more than one year.
I would now like to simplify the topic for all of us and would like to develop a shampoo or a thing to wash your hair in a 100% natural way. I want to bring a rethink in the world and make no-poo a topic for everyone.

That’s why I ask for your support. The goal is to develop a hair washing thing that is easy to use and 100% natural and vegan. Furthermore, the packaging should be completely biological as the next step.

Would you be interested in that or is it just me?

Do you have suggestions and ideas?

If you are interested, it would be great if you could support me on this topic, it will make the world healthier and cleaner. :blush:
Thank you very much I am looking forward to support :slight_smile:

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Vegan has nothing to do with it.
“…would like to develop a shampoo…” The whole point is to avoid washing, no shampoo at all, to let your scalps natural processes take over and do its job.

Is this a poor attempt at some form of advertising-spam or pyramid scheme?

Sorry I think I was wrong. It’s not advertising or anything like that, but it’s interesting that you suspect that directly.

So my goal is not to develop a shampoo.

I’m just thinking all the time if there are not other ways to detoxify my hair, for example, with natural remedies.

I’m trying out a lot for example with rye flour.

I do not want to add chemicals to my body, but I want to get the best possible effect from natural remedies.

My problem when I just take water is that my hair is very matted.

At the same time, I’m thinking of adding a natural scent to a natural product for hair washing to make it even more enjoyable.

How do you feel?