No Poo for dermatitis?


Hello everone. I have only recently discovered that there’s this No shampoo movement, but I am really interested in it.
I’ve had dermatitis on my scalp for the last 4 years. It feels itchy, I get dry skin flakes, and my scalp feels sore, even after I wash it (sometimes especially after I do). Wearing it up hurts, because of the pulling.
I’ve tried soft shampoos for daily wash, a treatment with corticoides, slapping cream on my scalp while I sleep - to no avail. The dermatitis is persistent, even if it’s not as bad as it used to be.
I thought perhaps quitting chemicals all together could be an option. I have dry, sensitive skin anyway, and I usually only wash my hair twice a week with a daily shampoo. Has anyone had a similar experience to mine? If so, any recommendations? What can I expect?

Thanks in advance to any of you who take the time to read, and especially to those who answer :slight_smile:


Hi. As far as my knowledge about dermatitis goes, there are quite a few things that could cause it so I don’t suppose going no poo would cure it. However, maybe it could cause some relieve. I have read that coconut oil, honey or apple cider vinegar could have a positive effect on dermatitis, three ingredients commonly used by no poo’ers. So maybe it’s worth a try.

I see you posted this 21 days ago, have you started this in the mean time?


I realise this is an oldish post, and I’m no expert, but I have used coconut oil. I seem to have a similar scalp issue to you, flaky, sore if i mess about with it too much and nothing seems to solve it. Nizoral shampoo used to work but not any more. I started using coconut oil; massaging it in three times a week and leaving it for an hour or two before washing out. This seemed to help more than just about anything else I’ve tried but it does leave your hair very messy and oily so I don’t know how you would get it out if you weren’t using shampoo?! Hope this helps.


Egg yolks.
Those are pretty much my answer to any hair related issue :sweat_smile: