No Poo Bald patch

Hi. I am about 3 months into the no poo month and have been having a lot of success so far just using water about 1-3 times a week or more depending on excercise. However I have noticed recently a bald patch of mine has seemed to be growing in size in the last few weeks. Any tips?

Hi, Matthew. Very cool name by the way. Here is my advise and is in your hand to do or refute it and perish.

Stop sinning, turn to God with a sincere heart without guile, deceit, treachery, ulterior motives, double-mindedness. Empty your heart from guile and crucify, deny your evil desires of the flesh that is killing you.

Forsake sin or suffer the consequences of death. First, you die spiritually and then you die physically and then your soul is doomed for eternal punishment. However, God takes no pleasure in the death of the sinner but the all sinner comes to repentance. Repentance is NOT sin confess, sin confess, mess up and sin confess like the whole church system of error. Find repentance where you die to sin once for all not to repeated, where you empty your heart of all deceit and guile. Where you put to death the evil desires and evil passions of the flesh. There’s nothing evil of the flesh but rather the WORKS of the flesh. Here are the greater sins unto death, the sins, works of the flesh are evident:

Fornication, idolatry, adultery, homosexuality, effeminite, sodomy, drunkenness, covetous, revilers, and extortioners will NOT inheri the kingdom of GOD and the wrath of GOD abides in them unless they truly, genuinely repent. Repentance is dying to sin, stopping sin like returning to relationship with your spouse after you committed adultery she expects full faithfulness and not to do it again,

NO ONE in this world can save themselves we all needs our PAST sins remitted not past present future sins think of it as a marriage being faithful to your spouse yet if you choose to be unfaithful you break the vow and that is only through the blood of Christ, Jesus can have those past sins remitted and be redeemed (release from bondage by payment of ransom) from the corrupiting influence of sin because he that commits sin is a slave to sin and wages of sin is always death and your conscience condemns you crying out to you to stop this wicked, vile deeds of the flesh they must cease in repentance before mercy and forgiveness may be granted. After you have proved to God and bear fruits worthy of repentance, he purges your conscience dead works. You are washed, renewed, and regenerated by the Holy Spirit and THEN Christ Jesus can come and dwell in the temple of your heart. Now your pure, clean, and having victory over sin the flesh and the devil

Faith is faithfulness and fidelity and steadfastness to God’s commandments

if you sin wilffully after you have received complete and precise knowledge of the truth no sacrifice of sins remains but a certain fearful expectation of judgment and indignation which will devour the adversaries because you have trampled underfoot the Son of God and treated the precious blood that takes away sin and destroys the works of the devil an unclean thing that cannot take away sin and insulted the Spirit of Grace.

you are born with moral conscience and natural inclinations totally free with a free will and unhindered ability to obey or disobey God.

Get away from the church system because they are preaching a false light a false gospel of DEATH where they teach a lie and this is the lie
youre born in sins, saved in yours sins while you still doings, and can never stop sinning and if you can stop sinning you are saving yourself you dont need jesus fallacy therefore you remain wretched and wicked to the core and into deep dark sin. they are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Find truth, seek repentance while God may be found before it’s too late. Today is the day of salvation tomorrow may be too late.

choice is always yours. always.

sin is a choice, everything is choice.

you are either dead To God because of your rebellion of sinning wilfully or dying and far from God

sin doesnt humble you sin hardens you and seperates you from God and you will not inherit the kingdom of God in other words. hell damnation for eternity.

youtube holdingfirmly

get rid of NIV version of the Bible that’s not a Bible is a false version full of lies

stick with NKJV or KJV and if Spanish, RVR 1909.

kind regards,