No Poo and Scalp Psoriasis


I have a question. I have just started this No Poo treatment for my hair. I suffer with Scalp Psoriasis and I have been using the Baking Soda, Vinegar and Coconut Oil method. When I put the baking soda solution on me head, it felt like it was on fire! My question is, does anyone else suffer with this condition and has the no poo method helped? I have thick wavy hair by the way. Thank you


Following this post - I too have scalp psoriasis (under control at the moment) and fine greasy hair so also unsure if no poo will work for me


I have very fine hair and have suffered from psoriasis on and off for many years but since I started the No Poo treatment my psoriasis has completely cleared up. I alternate using an egg or baking soda to wash my hair once a week. I do still suffer a little bit from dandruff.
I bought a big bag of herbs I use as a hair conditioner to volumes my hair and it gives very good results. I just soak a couple of tablespoons of this herb in warm water for about half an hour, drain the liquid and pour it over my washed hair . you need to leave it in without rinsing. it smells a bit but soon evaporates and leaves no smell behind)and leave it in unlike apple cider vinegar!)
I had the builders in a couple of months ago and cannot find my poo poo book. I cannot recall for dear life what the name of the dried herb was that I was using. It is mentioned in the poo poo book under the heading of conditioners you can use. Can anyone help?


I also suffered from psoriasis and it has almost cleared since I stopped using shampoo! I use something called a ‘balancing conditioner’ by Elvive, which has clay in it and works a treat.