Next steps for a slow transition?


Hello, I would appreciate any advice on how to progress with no poo
For nearly three months I have been using a body shop shampoo with no sulphates silicones or parabens ( maybe I’m just low poo, not really sure) and no other products just using a boar bristle brush.
I am going approximately 7 days between washes sometimes less if I have a work event or something but I go as long as I can before my scalp becomes itchy
I’m wondering how is best to progress and would like to be able to wash with water only eventually. I work in healthcare so am trying to do a gradual transition as I don’t want my patients to think I look unclean
I would love any advice about what to try next, thank-you


Hi Jennifer

That’s really great that you can go so long between washes, it’s a huge first step! And yes, I think what you are currently doing would be considered low 'poo - nothing wrong with that though. If you would like to go no 'poo, I would suggest rye flour or Rhassoul clay hair washes, followed with ACV-water rinses on the ends if you feel it’s necessary.

There is plenty of advice out there regarding how to wash your hair with these and I hope these provide a good next step before you go water only. Good luck!