Newbie w/ Curly Hair: Help!

Hi guys, need advice! I have curly hair which i used to wash and heat style once a week with products, products and more products. In summer I try to wear more natural so I put in plaits at night and shake loose in the morning (Summer because I feel sitting w/wet hair in winter gives me a stiff neck). Anyways I prefer natural but without products look like I just washed up on a beach! Anyways my new method is now with water only and sometimes ACV rinse, been at this about a month now. I’m sure my overall hair condition will benefit but I wonder does anyone have any recommendations to make my hair look nicer when I let it loose after drying? I have tried to plait it overnight but feel I’m cheating my natural curls. I cut it to remove dry ends. I have tried plopping (i think its called this) but it just looks messy and really flat at the top. A deep or leave in conditioner perhaps (natural products preferred)? Essential oils? A new drying technique?. Profile picture is me after a failed attempt at plopping after a just water wash. Tia!

Hi Tia,

I’d check and the ebook on this site. The ebook gives advice on what no poo methods work for specific hair types and water type. Hope this helps!

Good luck!