Newbie- 6 weeks in


I stopped using shampoo 6 weeks ago and have rinsed my hair once with water.
My hair used to be so big and bouncy but now after washing it’s really flat and waxy.
Is this normal? Or is “no poo” not suitable for everyone?
My appearance is making me feel quite low in mood.

Thank you in advance for any advice.

you’ve washed your hair once with water in six weeks? Yes, it’s going to be gross, and heavy. I’m 7 weeks in, and I need to wash mine at least 3x a week, with only water (hot, scrubbing the scalp) to have it not be heavy. ACV has also proven to be effective. I’m avoiding baking soda, because years ago I did this, and I got just as dependent on the BS as shampoo.

Wash your hair with water more.

Hi Emily,

I just started this last weekend and found had some great advice. Ashlee has an ebook that can help. It might be that your using the wrong no poo method for your hair type and water type. I’d recommend getting the book to help you further navigate your no poo journey.

Good luck!

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