New and so many questions

I’ve been doing ‘no poo’ since July. I was making my own ‘shampoo’ with coconut milk, castile soap water and a few essential oils. That seemed ok for a few weeks and I was washing my hair twice a week instead of every day.
It then went down hill for some reason…Lots of oil. I did an egg yolk mask, ACV rinse and that instantly restored normality. I then stopped my homemade ‘shampoo’
It’s been a week since my egg restoration, I rinsed with plain water after a swim mid week ( I often swim 2 or three times a week) and its ‘OK’.
its holding its own, fairly oily, but doing well. Now I’m panicking and have SO many questions…
What should I wash it with now. It does need cleaning, just as my skin would…
I swim every Monday, then as often as I can. Even the plain water wash will mess things up if theres no 'routine ’ wont it?
What if I go on holiday ( not THAT likely) but if I do and am on the pool every day…!!!

Personally I would stop the ‘washing’ altogether. Just use water and lots of scalp massage and brushing. Your hair will eventually level itself out, you just have to bear it till it does! I recently used acv after ages of water only and apart from a lack of shine my hair was luxurious. It just put me right back to the beginning, wish I’d never used it.