Need Help with Winter Static


I’ve been doing the no poo method for about 4 months and love it! I use BS and ACV twice a week to keep the roots from getting too greasy and my hair is super shiny and soft. Now that it’s winter, I live in Minnesota, I have some serious static issues. I used to use conditioner on my ends to keep the static down but now that I’m doing no poo I don’t want to use conditioner either. I do oil masks every week or two which really helps with dry winter scalp but it doesn’t help with static at all. I’ve tried putting a light amount of oil directly onto only my ends but that just leaves me looking greasy and I still have wildly staticy hair. I have long straight hair. Any suggestions?


Hmm sorry. My hair is short and straight so I’ve never run into that issue. Good luck!


Maybe you can try Argon oil. It is an oil that is not greasy. I love it. I have never had issues with static hair though. I am curious about your oil masks, would you tell me about that? I can’t do oil masks bc I cant rinse it out of my hair and it leaves my hair greasy.


Thanks for the suggestion, I haven’t tried argon oil yet. For the hair mask I mix olive oil, coconut oil, vitamin e, jojoba oil, and some esential oils like lavendar or peppermint. First I heat the coconut oil in a double boiler so it melts, then I put all the oils together in a pointed tip squirt bottle. I apply the oil mixture to just my roots because my scalp gets so dry in the winter. Sometimes I apply it to all of my hair root to tip if all of my hair is dry. I leave it in for 30-60 minutes. Then wash it out with baking soda and water. If I do all of my hair it takes a couple tbs of baking soda to get it all out. ACV rinse last. It helps smooth my frizzy hair in the winter.