Nasty hair after trying no poo

Hi all, advice needed:
I’ve wanted to try this method forever but didn’t dare walk around with greasy hair. Now that I am on lockdown at home I have been going four weeks without washing.
I have a sensitive scalp, in the past I’ve used an extremely mild shampoo without sulphates but my hair was always greasy on the second day after wash. I have straight blonde hair on the thin side. I was hoping this method would “reset” or “train” my scalp to not be so greasy so quickly.
My hair was obviously extremely greasy after some days without washing. I tried rinsing with water and I have a boars hair brush. I then tried a baking soda rinse a few times. It just makes it so brittle, dry and still a bit greasy from the oil.
Question: If baking soda is so harsh anyway, why not just use a mild shampoo? What is the difference?
How long is this supposed to take?
My hair is disgusting and is screaming for a shampoo. I used to have great hair, now my husband just asked me if I looked in the mirror this morning.

I had the same issue…do not use baking soda, it messes with the Ph balance of your hair. Next time you wash your hair, bend over so your hair hangs down…use just a little shampoo on the oily section of hair (make sure to not get any shampoo on your scalp)…then rinse with water. *make sure you are using cool water.

Thanks a million! I did this. Bought some super mild shampoo without sulphates. Looks good. Still greasy quite quickly again but will try a shampoo once per week.

It may take a while for you scalp/hair to slow production of the oil. For me it was about 3 to 4 weeks before I saw a difference. If you don’t already have one…get a Boar Bristle brush. *if you have thick hair…get one with pins. Brush morning and night, this will eventually help spreading the oil.