My no poo journey

I’ve been doing water only washing since Madch do 2022, I only gave in once recently to see if there was a difference and washed my hair with trader Joe’s tea tree mint shampoo and condition. I like the way if felt after but decided to stick with no poo. I’m still having dandruff any suggestions? Currently I water wash my hair about every other day and then spray rosewater on it. Any tips of how to stop the dandruff? I also brush daily with a boar brush.

Do you preen when you wash with water? I remember reading that people preen their hair while washing like birds preen their feathers. If you do, and you still have dandruff, it could be an overproduction of a yeast leading to growth of a kind of bacteria on the scalp. I forget the details, but I believe people used ACV (Apple cider vinegar) + something else to help their scalp and clear away the excess yeast and bacteria.

Regardless, good luck!