My hair is soooo dryyy help!

Hii im now 4 months no poo. My hair was always a little dry but now that i no poo and i dont use thick oils and dont oil everyday my hair i got a sooo dry hair that dont shine anymore :frowning: how to have back shine hair?? ( i dont have hard water)
The only thing that is positive i got my waves back. I dont have use BS and ACV i just washed my hair with only water and today i have try Chickpea Flour but i dont like it is look like dandruff in my hair and i dont know how to take it off i just wait that the hair dries up and so maybe brushing it off??.. xD just give me tips i dont know what to do with my hair T_T

If you can get ACV, it acts as a conditioner and a tonic and will soften and condition your hair. It’s very healthy! Other conditioners are typically oils or there are other indian powders like cassia.
If you’ve been using chickpea flour, maybe rinse your hair in the bath? I think floury things work best when you can soak them out in water.
Good luck! :heartpulse:

Thank u i will try! <3

Use just a tiny bit of coconut oil on the ends. It helps loads.