Moved to less hard water. Is this my issue?


Been doing this for 14 months and it has been amazing until now. listed below is what I have been doing and changes
1 x a month egg yolk wash
2 x a month fine rye flour paste with ACV rinse
1 x a week small amount of oil
1 x a month soak in oil (I change between almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, castor oil)
I use a arrow root powder, tea tree, coco powder and cinnamon dry shampoo when needed.

I’ve had no issues with SUPER hard water then moved. The water in my new place is still hard just not as hard as my last place. My hair feels like there is wax on it and in the shower it feels dry and rough. It feels like the more water that comes into contact with my hair the worse my hair gets. When it dries it is clump and looks wet and greasy, feels like it is brittle and waxy. My transition was not nearly as bad as this. It has been about four months of this. Please help.

Thanks to those who respond.