Keratin treatment and going no-poo


Hi there. I have 2c/3a hair which I enjoy wearing curly and straight. I get an occasional mild keratin treatment so that my straightening process isn’t as painful.

I’m looking for a solid answer or experience on what happens to a keratin treatment when going no-poo. Baking soda is not a sulfate but I read a few theories that it could affect the keratin due to the pH.

Does anyone have any experience they could share? Thank you!


Hi there lulu.
I’m a no-pooer for almost 6 months and have 2c hair too. Baking soda is not a sulfate, but it’s very alkaline, which may affect both your hair and scalp, especially if you live in a dry area. Same goes with vinegar which is commonly advised by various no-poo enthusiasts. I wouldn’t recommend using these two not only during a keratin treatment but completely. As for the last one, using proper products keratin procedures won’t harm your hair. I would recommend checking this article for more info.