Just started no poo

I just started my no poo journey on Saturday. I found help to get started at www.thenopoomethod.com and I bought the ebook on this site. I recommend it!

I found I have low porous, fine, wavy hair. My water is hard water. Based on that it was suggested to use soap nuts for washing and egg whites, honey or coconut milk for deep conditioning. I did an initial clarifying wash on Saturday and went 4 days without washing my hair. The only thing I did was scritch & preen it every other day and use a bit of a homemade dry shampoo on the other days. I washed it for the first time today with a homemade raw soap nut wash with lavender essential oils. It feels much better however it feels a bit greasy and weighed down. Do you think it’s possibly I used too many essential oil drops (10 drops in 3 cups water)? Or maybe my hair is still detoxing? Have any of you used soap nut shampoo before with any success? I’d love any feedback!