Itchy Oily Hair Help


I have been using BS 1 tbs to 1 cup of water and acv 1 tbs to one cup of water for a month now. My hair is only getting slightly less greasy but I can handle that. Its the itch that driving me nuts! It only gets worse with time. I am going to start cutting back on the amount of BS I use but I was wondering if I should start using aloe vera or something to help. Any suggestions?


I was using ACV for about a year and a half when my head started itching like crazy. I switched to white vinegar (the distilled stuff that’s super cheap) and it did the trick. No more itch immediately. If you give it a try I hope it helps!


I was also getting the same problem once when I used normal oil for my hair. I also used to get itchiness on my beard to. Thanks to my friend who suggested me to use the white vinegar for getting rid of itchiness. He also suggested me to use beard oil for healthy growth of facial beard hair.


Hey I’ve been having issues lately. This is the middle of my third month without any shampoo. It went through some changes in the first few weeks, but seemed to be fine. Now, just in the last couple weeks my hair has been really oily and sticky… Has anyone else had this issue?


*** I’ve only been using water, nothing else in the last two and a half months.


I’m going through the same thing…was looking great and now my hair is oily and itchy scalp. I have been using bs and acv every 10 days or so to remove build up on my scalp and hair. Was going to try just water for a while but looks like that may not solve the problem since that’s what you’re using. I’m not sure what to do… feel like cutting it all off tbh!!!


Why using bs? Its too harsh for hair. Its makes the hair realy dry and can couse real damage. The basic rule: don’t put on your hair things that you wouldn’t eat. Instead of bs use rhy flour, gram( besan) flour, shikakai and amla powder. I’ve tried all of them many times and they clean my hair perfectly and gently