Is No Poo suitable for people who live in tropical country?


I live in Malaysia, here is hot everyday and people sweat easily. Can I water only in here?
I start water only recently and waiting the result, I hope it will not make my hair become worse.


Hi. I Live in jakarta. my hair is ver very dandruffy. it took me about 4 week until normal. i do water only.


Same here, I live in Venezuela and here weather is hot all day long. I’m starting to stop shampoo since I had a dandruff “attack” last week and I never had something like that before, not even dandruff.

Here is hot (past 27°C always) and it’s hard to try this method since I’m sweating every day if I’m out.

I have now 12 days without shampoo and the dandruff and the itchy is harder than ever. Any tips?


Does hibiscus grow near you? It makes a wonderful natural and gentle cleansing rinse! Put about 6 leaves and a couple of flowers in a tub of lukewarm water. Squeeze and massage them for 10 minutes. Your hands will begin to feel very soft. Strain the liquid into a container and use it throughout the week in the shower instead of shampoo. When I did this, I first rinsed and massaged my scalp without shampoo, to loosen and release dead skin. Then I poured some of the hibiscus water over my head and gently distributed it. I didn’t even rinse it out. Clean and with tons of body. Try it!