Increased hair loss following starting No Poo WO

Hi all

I’ve now been doing No Poo WO method for two months and I’m loving the faster showers and less plastic containers in my house.

However, I’m losing a lot of hair. My hair is straight, thin and brittle, have always suffered with breakages that result in 1 million different lengths of hair. But th amount of hair in my hairbrush after a shower is starting to scare me.

I haven’t yet experimented with baking soda and apple cider vinegar, because I can’t stomach the smell of vinegar.

I generally eat a healthy diet but wondered if there is anything specific I can eat, or supplements I can take that can help strengthen my hair in this new adventure?
Or other thoughts / recommendations are welcome!

Thanks in advance!

I’ve been nopoo for 1.5 years, and have long, thin, straight hair. I’ve had the same problem but have found that it’s getting better now.

If you’re not using BS, that’s good. People really underestimate how harsh it is. BS really dries it out and can make hair brittle.

I’ve had a long struggle with split ends. I’m not sure about the diet side. I eat a really traditional diet with lots of animals fats, and broth bases. I’m not sure if it makes a difference.

I would say right off the bat that your hair must be too dry. I would rub some castor oil in my ends as often as it gets dry. I have to do it daily as my ends get dry and brittle. I’ve heard coconut oil can sometimes dry out hair as it’s so watery…? I use castor oil, and it seems to work.

When I was washing with shampoo and for the first 6 months or nopoo I was bothered by the amount in the brush and shower. But I find the more if I keep it really moisturized the less it breaks.

Hopefully something helps, feel free to ask any questions,
Hope K (my name):upside_down_face:

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I am not WO but I have experienced brittle hair on and off for years.

I think youre right, diet has a huge impact on hair strength - I eat well but also take a multivitamin every day now just as a ‘top up’. I also ensure that I’m eating adequate protein as this can be easily neglected.

Make sure you dont brush your hair when its wet / damp as you stretch and ruin your hair strands.

Ensure you have your hair trimmed regularly. Split ends lead to more hair breakage. I find this really helps limit damage.

Oiling your hair lightly may also help to condition your hair and prevent split ends. I only ever use coconut oil as I love it and find it strengthens my hair better than anything else :slight_smile:

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Hey Snick Snack
Thanks for your reply to my post.

You mention coconut oil to strengthen the hair. I used to use this when I used shampoo and conditioner but have stopped now Im WO as not possible to wash it out after… how do you wash the oil out after?

Thanks in advance

Hey HopeK
Thanks for your reply to my question.

I don’t actually suffer with split ends, strangely enough but I am still interested in the castor oil… does it not make the ends of your hair greasy?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I am super cautious with it and don’t use too much. I’ll only apply lightly to the ends before bed, and then plait my hair while leaving it to soak overnight. In the morning I’ll then give my hair a good soak under fairly hot water, then I use natural soap nut shampoo to wash my hair. I dont usually use this to scrub the ends, but I do after using the coconut oil. Then I follow with a stronger than usually ACV rinse afterwards too.

I’ve read elsewhere that an egg wash also gets it out, but I’ve never tried that method myself.

I have over applied the coconut oil before and I’ve ended up with sticky hair after washing - it does happen to me now and again and it’s really annoying!