I'm addicted but dull!

Following a hysterectomy my body went into early menopause and my hair lost all of it’s curl and went very thin. Three weeks post poo. And my hair has suddenly become as thick and wavy as it was in my 20’s! I am absolutely elated beyond belief. My hair is naturally dry and I didn’t expect any problems with oil build up but at 2wks I suddenly developed a greasy patch around the crown, it’s now gone. I havent used anything except water i feel if i use anything then i won’t know how my hair will truly react naturally. All i do is make sure i brush it to the ends daily, comb and massage scalp when in shower/bath. The only thing I don’t like at the moment is my hair has no shine at all. Will this rectify itself eventually? If not what is the least invasive thing I can do to get shine please. Many thanks, Von.x.

I personally think that you should wait as the shine on our hair is produced by our natural oils and just let it fully produce in your hair until you see the effect.

I am water only and I use fragrance free conditioner once or twice per month.

Thank you dAi. I will wait. I’m avoiding conditioner or anything for now to see what will happen naturally.

I am dry shampoo with occasional water washing. My hair goes in cycles (which I think most people do). Sometimes its more oily than I’d like, or less shiny. Sometimes it feels softer but drier, shinier but heavier. I adjust to what I think my hair or scalp needs.

  • If scalp feels build up/icky- I water wash and scrub good.
  • If hair is heavy waxy- I do AVC spray rinse.
  • If hair around the scalp just feels greasy- I dry shampoo.
  • If hair feels dry- I do extra scritching and preening.
  • If tips dry- I oil or cocoa butter them (but they are pretty heavily damaged and I just haven’t gotten round to trimming).

And best part is usually its decent periods of time before I need to do anything, most daily work is scritch and preen with pre-bath or pre-bed BBB. Anything extra is maybe once every 5-10 days. But it took probably 6 months to most of the hang of it/trial and error it. I think first 3 months family was like “yeah it’s less frizzy but you have some greasy days” now some are so wowed and ask about how I do it.

Get to know your hair now and work with what you want to work with.


Thank you Hollow. I’m starting to find that. I recently tried acv. I may have done it wrong…i poured it neat on my head, washed then rinsed. My hair has gone REALLY dry and horrible. I’m having to start from the beginning again.

I found a big difference when I started brushing with a boar bristle brush. It really spread the oils through my hair, creating more of a shine than I’ve ever had.

Make sure the ACV is diluted and I suggest using an old spray bottle instead of pouring. I use the AVC alone and let stand for a few minutes and rinse.

Basically, I try not to use too many things in one day, so if it works out badly I know which ingredient and if it was because I used too much or too little.