I had no idea no poo movement existed so how should i start?


So a few months back i tried not using any shampoo to see how my hair responded to it and i’ve always wanted to have my hair long.I thought not using shampoo would work, since everytime my hairs long it always puffs a lot, after using the shampoo. My hair type is wavy.

Will no poo help me control my hair better? If not i would still would like to do no poo, i´ve been a vegan for almost 4 years and have gone natural in most aspects of my life. So the hair part would be great too. Plus i´d like to save some money too.

I haven’t washed my hair in like 5 days so what should i go for right now? I don’t have access to any no poo brand so what should i get?


I haven’t washed my hair in 5 months!
What i found was that brushing with a boars bristle brush helped keep it less oily and more evenly coated and soft (my hair is straight).
I only wash it with water.
Every once in a while if it gets gross I use a powdered dry shampoo.


I am just over a month in. I wash water only, but have done a couple Apple cider vinegar (diluted in a spray bottle) rinses. And am dabbling in monthly at home “Do it yourself” treatments. Products have been mostly what I already have/had from the the vanity to the kitchen (I just made sure silicone and sulfate free).

I did buy (or re-bought couldn’t find my old one since I moved) a boar bristle brush, which is I believe a must for medium to long hair when going no poo. I think the allure for some - is trying a variety of DIY products and treatments you probably already have in your house, stop or minimize the product buying rat race and stop or reduce the use of harsh chemicals and ingredients on our hair and scalp/skin.

I too called the ‘No Poo Method’ the ‘No Poo Movement’ which makes people laugh in real life because it sounds like a bathroom oxymoron joke. XD

Besides looking up peoples posts and blogs on their experience(s), after that information overload, I recommend do what you feel is right/you feel comfortable with. In the end it’s your hair and scalp.