I dont use toothpaste


Before you think I’m taking this too far, hear me out. We all know the reaction people give when you tell them you don’t use shampoo so please don’t judge haha. Ok so ive been using this natural toothbrush and toothpaste alternative called Twigbrush. It’s basically this twig that comes from a tree called Salvidora prisca (i might of spelt it wrong). It’s also known as toothbrush tree. Anyway, the twig from this tree has many proven and tested benefits to your teeth including whitening, protecting, and cleaning your teeth. A lot of people in the Eastern world use it till today. Long story short, i was hesitant at first but then I decided to try out this twig brush and i swear after just one week i decided im going all in on this. My teeth looked whiter. My breath remained fresh and mouth felt clean. I didn’t have chemicals in my system early in the morning from toothpaste. I doesn’t require toothpaste as it’s naturally moist and I can use it when ever and where ever I want. I usually use it in the morning, then after food or coffee, then at night. It really is amazing and I’m slowly on the path of quitting all chemicals in and on my body. First nopoo now nopaste haha. The website is www.twigbrush.com so check it out and learn more about it then let me know what you think



I don’t use toothpaste either from last 4 months and it’s been great.

I only use a regular toothbrush and water to clean my teeth. It only takes a little bit more time to get them completely cleaned, since I have to brush very good every tooth until I feel it is soft and cleaned but I assure that toothpaste is not necessary at all. I’ve never had bad breathe again since I stopped using toothpaste.

Some days, when I feel my teeth are becoming dirtier very quick, I put some baking soda on the toothbrush and brush with it. I do this once a week or so, that’s enough for me.

I hope this helps someone. Feel free to ask me any question.


I’ve used Baking soda before, and I like it (It’s just messy getting it out). I’m going to try the Twig Brush - thanks Nancy!


I’m new to this forum, but I’ve recently tried cleaning my teeth by swishing water after every meal. It makes a huge difference! My mouth feels really clean. My teeth are a bit stained, but they look better already. My teeth are slowly whitening and they actually have a squeaky clean feel and sound when I brush my teeth. (: