How to store Baking Soda Solution?


I recently started doing no-poo, it’s going well. I am wondering how I should store the Baking Soda solution? It’s very water so people have said to use a spray bottle. I did this but when not in use the baking soda hardens anywhere that it exposed to air and it has clogged the bottle. Does anyone know any better ways to store it, or how to prevent it from clogging?


I mix up a new batch with each wash - otherwise is solution is SOOO cold I couldn’t stand it!


I keep my baking soda and vinegar (scented with lavendar oil) in a small container in my bathroom. I keep 2 sauce bottles (one narrow mouth, one wider in the shower.

We hen I want to wash my hair, I make up a fresh batch of both with HOT water (it cools fast) and shake them up.


I just have a little plastic tub, i make a new batch each week with my rye flour and one once a month for my bcs wash