How to scent hair

So I’m about a month in, been using baking soda and acv and all is going well however I really miss having nice smelling hair so if anyone has any recommendations for natural after wash products or recipes that will add a nice scent that would be greatly appreciated.

Suggest you discontinue the baking soda…it changes the ph balance of your hair. I spritz my hair with my favorite perfume…you might try your favorite scent …cologne.

Well I’m using the soda and abv because my area has very hard water so it doesn’t do the job on it’s own I don’t use it often though but thanks for that, I’ll give it a go.

I also have very hard water. I have thick wavy hair…I noticed the baking soda washed away the oil and then my body would over produce oil. Everyone is different!

Hi there, I once put some essential oil drops and water into a spray bottle. I sprayed my hair with it after the shower. It was nice. Never as pretty smelling as when I used to use mainstream hair products but I absolutely LOVE how healthy and full my hair looks and feels now after being no poo for years.

Hi Robyn,

You mentioned you’ve been nopoo for years. I’m over a year now and really like most of the results: healthier, stronger hair, much better skin, more volume… But the grease still hasn’t quite stopped coming at a heavy rate. I’ve been realizing though, that that’s probably just normal and we’re not used to it anymore. I only wash with warm water every three days or so (sometimes I put some Epsom salts in the water, and it’s seems to help). After a wash I can wear it down for maybe 1 day and then it’s too slick again. I do have long, thin, straight hair though, and some of my sisters with thicker hair seem to do a bit better. What type of hair do you have? And how do you manage it? Thanks…