How to get heavy metals out of hair while doing no poo

I’m just looking for general beginner advice, and a specific question about d-leading shampoos. Most of my life, I shower about once a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less if I’m depressed. So I imagine my hair is not as bad off as many people’s.
However most of my life I didn’t brush/comb it often, so I got a lot of anxiety about how it just felt gross and annoying on my body. I would get a rats nest at the nape of my neck and cover it up with surface level brushing to it would look sort of ok. The rats nest would also retain a lot of shampoo so it felt really gross to touch. So I’ve had pixie cuts off an on since being a teen. My fav way to style it was to rub it with a towel after getting out of the shower ad let it dry in the messy anime-kind of look. People would say it’s unhealthy, but I did it anyway.
A few months ago I started using a wide tooth comb and LOVE it. It’s relaxing, is easier to untangle hair, I like the scalp stimulation due to the comb’s stiffness, etc. Way better than brushes!
So I’m wondering what my transition could look like, since I don’t wash often. I do use cheap $2 Suave stuff though. Should I just try switching straight over to baking soda and ACV?

Also, I work with metals and want to reduce heavy metal exposure (I’m not working at this time but am job seeking). I would use a shampoo like this: D-Lead Deluxe Body Wash and Shampoo – KommandoStore
but I assume it would come with a whole slug of unwanted ingredients.
Annoyingly, most d lead shampoos/soaps/wipes don’t have online ingredient lists. The only one I found was: INGREDIENT DISCLOSURES | Product and ingredient information | Grime Boss
and it doesn’t look good, propylene glycol, alcohol, etc.
Someone in a forum said to just make sure EDTA is an ingredient because that’s the chelating agent. Which made me wonder if I could buy it online and just add it to my normal hair recipes. Or if there might be another chelating agent I could use instead.
On a quick search, it looks like there’s some controversy on whether or not it’s a healthy ingredient. From what I understand, it seems like it would be helpful if used properly.
If anyone here also does dry brushing/no soap for their body, I’d be interested in solutions for that as well. I used to do dry brushing too.