How to dispense ACV in the shower?

Regular shampoo and conditioner are quite thick. So they pretty much stay in place in your hair where ever you put it. They’re also pretty easy to even out without losing much.

But apple cider vinegar is a pretty thin liquid, almost like water. So it’s easy for it to just go straight down the drain after pouring on your head. :sweat: :sweat_drops:

What’s a good method of dispensing ACV through out your hair evenly, without losing too much of it straight down the drain?

I’ve also had the same issue when pre-mixing baking-soda with water.

I use a spray bottle for my ACV.

I use a spray bottle of premixed ACV and water as well. I found it goes way further than pouring it on and is way easier!

I put 1 cup ACV, then 4 cups warm water in a large measuring cup. After washing with baking soda, I literally put my hair into the ACV/Water mixture in the cup (I have long hair obviously :slight_smile: I soak about a minute then slowly pour the mixture over my head to make sure it covers my whole head. I’ve heard other say the mixture should not go on the scalp but I pour it right on my scalp - it helps to condition both hair and scalp. I also use the cheap store Heinz gallon ACV instead of the organic stuff with “mother” as that stuff left all kinds of nastiness in my hair.

Another option I use at times is the mix the ACV 1 cup to 4 cups brewed black tea - if you have dark hair its great. Chamomile would be better for lighter hair.

I used to use a spray bottle but have given mine to someone, I think my mom, cause she needed one for her beauty stuff. You can just dump some in your palm and “wipe” it all over your head, then get in the shower spray, which will mix it into your hair.