How do you wash off the dead skin from your roots?

Hi all,

I am new to no poo and I am in my 10th day of transition.

For the past couple of days I can see that I have some white dead skin near my roots. It is definitely not dandruff because my scalp is not dry, itchy nor red. They are just dead skin or sebum that water and brushing has failed to remove.

So, I was wondering what people generally use to remove these dead skin? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Same experience here. I occasiobally used shampoo if it got really bad (very diluted) and used lots of brushing and finr comb with a nit comb - - a bit laborious but effective enough. Eventually it inproved on its own. I still get it a bit but not too bad now. (2yrs water only twice a week, with occasional shampoo every 6-8 wks, with bar soap or liquid, occasional conditioner)

I just scrub with my fingers under the shower, and for me, it gets the dead skin cells off. But maybe you should see a dermatologist if you still have visible debris even after you scrub and rinse,

After trying NoPoo and various shampoos for years, I finally found a wash that does not wash away the oils in the hair, only cleans the scalp, because it has NO SULFATES.or Parabates which do the most damage. “Hair Clinical’s ULTRA MILD SHAMPOO”

I wash no more than once a week when I have to go out. When I am working from home, no more than once a fortnight.

And afterwards I put a non greasy oil: Jungle Fever’s SHINE SERUM.

and a coin size bit of Paul Motchel’s SUPER SKINNY DAILY TREATMENT leave in conditioner so that the hair does not stick together from the oil.

I only use a tiny bit of the Ultra Mild shampoo.

It washes out the scalp abut not much of the oils in the hair. Keeps the hair shiny and not going damaged and dried out anymore. I only have to wash less than once a fortnight when I work from home; no more than once a week when I have to go out to work.

Do a Google search to find them.