Hi urgently need to know how to clean smells from persons hair who has not used anything on it for years .they won't use shampoo is baking soda or vinegar or lemon effective I need it not to Smell at all to be near him as chemically sensituve

Please help me fix this asap how to unsmell without using other smells. Does vinegar orbbaking soda or lemon leave a smell I can’t rinse out .I must have their hair fragrance and embedded odor free asap thank you!

You have to go through the process. Just wash your hair with cold water. You can use shampoo brush they sell at the dollar tree to remove excess sebum. My head used to smell but now it doesn’t. I am water only since December 2018.

This may be a silly question, please can you explain what you mean by ‘you can use shampoo brush they sell at the dollar tree to remove excess sebum?’


Boar bristle brush always does the trick for me. Make sure to detangle first. If hair is too thick for the brush to fully penetrate then massage your head and then brush hair in separate parts

I’m gonna tell you what I did. I’m a guy. I started out water only but my hair stank and look awful in the beginning. I think the smells is because of the mixture of the shampoo fragrance combined with our natural oils to be honest. My hair smelled strong and my scalp front hairline was clogged with excess sebum you can see it, so I shaved my head and started all over with water only To this day, my hair doesn’t smell at all and I no longer have dandruff on my scalp. Nowadays, my hair is shiny and is odorless it looks like sheen is on my black, onyx hair, it looks wet like I just got out of shower and the wind doesn’t move my hair. I don’t need to trim my ends because they curl naturally and beautifully. I like how my ends of hair are in tact together there’s no split ends or fizziness. I wash it everyday with water only and I style my hair with wide tooth when wet and it stays in same style unless is hard wind like hurricane it’ll move a few hair in the back like alfalfa. When I get out of shower, there’s like a few little flake on the hair strands not on scalp but on some hair strands which is real small and visible to see but after I go out and go about my day, they become like oils like the white stuff around your nose that looks like dryness but then you realized it is oils the whiteheads and they go away. You can no longer see it. The flake I see when I get out looks when you use cheap hair gel and leaves those real small minor flake on hair not a lot just a few of them but after I sweat or go out about my day expose to sun light it the oils are spread evenly on the hair. Hope I made sense.

just an update, i stopped using shampoo brush and just use wen wide tooth comb while showering with cold water on my head.

all the excess oils my scalp was producing was because of the foods i keeps eating they were very high on fats like fries, burgers, cookies, mayo, chocolate with fats, etc.

so i went on a 8 day water fast and the overly production of sebum oils have ceased. it brought neutrality back to me.

You can add some essential oils to the acv, it will help.