Hi! Trying no poo again, but need help with a dry scalp


Hi! I’m new to this forum, but not new to trying no/low poo methods. I currently use Renpure Tea Tree shampoo. but I only wash once or twice a week and feel that I could easily transition to a no poo method. My biggest issue I have is my scalp is dry and has dandruff pretty bad. No matter what I try the dryness stays and continues to itch. I am actually in need of a shower today, so it would be perfect timing to start this experiment/journey today.

I have tried the baking soda wash/acv rinse a few times. It works ok for the first few washes, and then my scalp goes super dry and itchy.

I have done low poo with washing with just a bar of Dr. Bronner’s soap and occasionally an acv rinse as a conditioning treatment. It worked great for a long time, and then my dry, itchy scalp and dandruff came back with a vengeance.

My latest attempts have been with using Renpure shampoo (I usually like using their Coconut Cream) and doing a coconut oil deep conditioning treatment once a month or so. This moisturizes everything and makes my hair super soft for a bit, but after the third or fourth wash after doing this my scalp is dry and itchy again.

I live in the city, so the water is hard here. I can easily get a shower filter from amazon though.

If anyone has any ideas of what I could try to get started on no poo that would be great!


I looked up videos on how to do the scritching and preening, and how to go about ‘washing’ my hiar with water. My hair looks pretty bad as it’s been drying… Does it need time to even out?


Do you know your water hardness where you live? Hard, alkaline water tends to dry out your hair (and skin) and cause dandruff too. I’m speaking from experience.


I’m not sure exactly. I’d have to get some test strips. But the first “wash” actually did better than I expected. My hair doesn’t look or really feel dirty or greasy, and my scalp is already starting to feel better. So we will see how this goes.


When my scalp gets dry and itchy, I apply a moisturizer conditioner only to my scalp with my fingertips and within a few moments all is balanced out. No more itchy dry scalp and amazingly no oily hair.


Have you tried rye flour yet I’ve had great luck with it just sometimes it takes longer for my hair to dry. the bronners just like the backing soda has the wrong pH causing the dryness, maybe a diluted version would work. I’ve tried a mixture of coconut milk aloe and bronners and it worked pretty well, didn’t use it for long because bronners upsets the cysts on my head but that should help with the pH. I also really like egg yolk but that is a once a month wash, too much more than that and your hair will break.