Help! Persistent dandruff and/or dry scalp

Hi, I have been a no poo-er for almost 2 years now. I have had 6 to 8 months of “good hair day” on intermittent periods. I have moved on from Baking soda and ACV to other methods like currently I alternating between chickpea flour shampoo, lemon shampoo and soap-nut rinse. I am using these methods especially for my dandruff problem. I have been struggling with dandruff even before no poo. I have used all kinds of remedies like aloe vera, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, honey, rosemary oil, Baking soda, ACV to no avail. I even tried other things in case it wasn’t dandruff but a dry scalp problem. Nothing has worked in these 3 months. I am really deflated and in point of shaving my hair off. I had my hip length hair cut to a bob last month. I love my hair but i am really worried. I have very dry scalp and skin, my ends feel like a brush. I keep hydrating them with coconut oil and almond oil. It just ends up being a greasy mess in few days. I have started working out recently (for a week,) so I wash my hair every day (water only) if needed, with soap-nut, or lemon juice. I am from Nepal, and sometimes it’s difficult to get completely natural and exact ingredient for a shampoo.
I hope someone can help me on this, because I am really desperate. Thank you for reading this, hope I get some help from this community.
Cheers! and Thank you

Hey there,
I had a bit of a similar problem for a while at the beginning. I mostly use clay (rhassoul and bentonite) followed by an ACV rinse, but at the beginning i used BS too sometimes and it did not work fro me. If i use BS my scalp gets dry and a bit hitchy, not to mention the dandruff. I have read online that other people also have this problem, therefore I inferred that it is not suitable fro some…Try to use clays for a bit: rhassoul is better for dry/curly hair while the other is better for oily hair, but it can be a bit more rough. You can easily order them online, so I guess you’d have no problem then getting it (i hope so).

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Thanks for your advice Lulu. I am going to try clay. I feel similar to Ziigee. I have tried all kinds of things, and it does help, but I still have a bunch of dandruff. Maybe I have to accept that I have to live with this. Do you put the clay on the scalp?

I think that I get more dandruff when I get stressed, so I need to work on that. I have also heard that eating probiotics can help, so I do that too.

Hey! Sorry for my super late reply :slight_smile:
I also get some dandruff sometimes so I add 1 or 2 drops of tea tree oil to the clay mix :slight_smile:
And about your question: I mix the clay with water and the tea tree oil until in make a paste, then I apply it onto the wet scalp and massage for a couple of minutes. I let it sit for 3-5 minutes and then rinse it :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!