Help, is this a good time to go “no poo”?


Hi, I read about the no pop method a couple years ago and have been willing myself to try but am not brave enough!
However, I’ve not been poorly this week and have not washed my hair for 6days! My question is, so I just continue from here, or will it be more difficult as I have neither washed with water daily, nor used BS or ACV? If this will mean it will be a greasier longer process as it’s just been left completely, I’m not sure it’s for now!
Any advice would be gratefully received.


Hi! Relatively new to no poo but from what I read, everyone is different. I started with washing with shampoo three times a week, after that, one time a week, and after that every two weeks and so on. I’m now two months without poo and just water. So you could wash now and next time in two weeks or you can go on if you feel like it. I never used bs and acv neither and it is a bit greasy at the roots but nothing bad. I like to wash with hot water and rince with cold water. The cold water is suppose to help with hard water build up. But hot water is normally considered like a real wash because it strip a bit of the sebum, so don’t do hot water everyday.


Hi thanks for your reply Marilene, my hair is just so greasy at the moment I am thinking of using organic shampoo for a while- based on what you’ve just written that doesn’t have to be a backwards step as I could use it less and less until I finally go no poo! Does your hair feel/look better for being chemical free do you think?


I think it feel better. They are lighter so volume stay longer and they dry faster. The only thing is the hair and a bit sebum smell. It’ weird when you are not use to it and I’m a bit paranoid with the fact that people would say it stink.

Also, you will maybe see that your hair is kind of waxy. It will go with time (cold water help) but I got two hair tips that were just staying waxy, tangled and smelly. I just cut them and the problem was gone. haha!


Hey, I went cold turkey. I started off thinking like you and trying to plan a time that would be a good time to start, i.e. away from people so nobody would notice haha! In the end I just decided there’s no time like the present. I couldn’t see a time in the foreseeable future when I would have 6 weeks of uninterupted time to so it so I though ‘f-it i’m doing it now’. When it looks oily just tie it back and pin any fringe and it’s hard to tell when you’re in public. Others have used head scarfs from what I’ve read. So you could do a headband to cover the parts you’re embarassed by for being in public. I find a tight bun or ponytail works and i have my fringe behind my ears to not show the segmentation from oil.

I’m just into week 4 now and it’s working fine for me. It’s still oilier than I would like but i’m making it work.