Hair still very oily after 3 months


I have curly, medium length hair and this is my second attempt at going without shampoo. I used to be a once a week shampooer until I discovered that I could go ‘poo free’. I tried it once and found after about 2 months it got so horribly oily that I washed it with shampoo. I have not washed with shampoo since but again it has been nearly 3 months and it is extremely oily (I have always had dry hair). I do wet my hair everyday - is this the problem? I have not used any other product in my hair.

I also have a question with regard to styling products, I have always used a leave in conditioner when I want to leave my curls out as I need something to tame the “boofiness” and fly-aways. I have not used any product since I last shampooed but have tied it back every day. How do I manage styling, do you still use product that will was out in water?


I use a DIY dry shampoo when oiliness is out of hand. 2 parts cornstarch 1 part cocoa powder (my hair is dark brown). I dust it is with an old powder makeup brush and brush it out with my BB Brush, until it looks good.

Eventually, I needed to do this less and less. Sometimes I get the oilier up top and dryer ends, which I then use liquid coconut oil (sometimes day one is more oily than I like by by day two my hair is fine again). But atm those are the two things I use on my hair besides water (dampening hair to style occasionally).

Also, I do not do all in the same day. I did my dry shampoo and coconut oil ends in the same day I smelt like I fell in a chocolate coconut pie, so I keep what I add to hair on different day than others. Like I am not going to style my hair with water same day I used the DIY dry shampoo either.

Thank you so much I will give it a go. First step is to buy a good brush!

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How often did you do the cornstarch/ cocoa at first. I am finding that I will have to do it everyday. I do wet my hair everyday, though, does this make any difference?

(Cornflour only, no cocoa here) In the beginning, I had white-head from the amounts I used, Nowadays, I just put my first~second fingers into the flour pot(x1~2 times), rub that amount into my hands thoroughly to distribute it evenly (you don’t want flour clumps on your scalp/hair) and massage it in to the top of my scalp, or along the underside to the scalp and brush it through and rub the strands of hair until it’s all off my hands… Maybe once every 3 or 4+ days now and using a lot less. First month or two was hell, but it quickly got better after my scalp realized what was going on and started cutting back on oil production.

Flour at night before bed, so during the night your bedtime movements help the flour spread and absorb that grease. If it’s super bad in the morning, try using a hot hair-dryer or straighteners to encourage excess flour to come out (NOTE: I found after doing this, my hair was heavy and clumpy, let it cool before judging + blow it afterwards with cold air on the dryer).

If your hairs already oily, don’t add more oil, it’ll make it 10x worse to manage, look and feel horrible, as well as encourage a bad bacterial ecosystem on your scalp. I mean, your problem is oily hair, why add more? >_<
Combing in some water can help the oil move along and hydrate, oil’s there to help trap moisture into the strands, which in turn bonds to the keratin in your hair (forming new protein bonds) and making it stronger, if the top of your head is darker than the parts of your hair below the ear-line, you need to brush more water into the strands below the ear-line and then thoroughly brush from scalp to tip to encourage the oils to move along.

  • Don’t add more oil.
  • Only water it if dry.
  • Make sure to flour massage the scalp just before bed: it has all night whilst you do nothing to work on your head - Easymode!

The challenge is building a routine that works for you.

Thank you, that is very helpful. I will persist.

Sorry for the late reply got busy.

I hardly need to cornstarch/cocoa powder dusting. I was away with 2 back to back house sitting about 3 weeks total and forgot to bring my mix. I used baby powder in a pinch once, but did have some questionable hair days. But I am needing it less and less and hair looks better and better but it hasn’t been that hot of a summer here so it’s not like I am melting in the heat.

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Thank you. I am in Australia and it is winter here, so heat is not an issue at the moment. I am finally starting to see some improvement. I will persevere