Hair still very oily after 3 months


I have curly, medium length hair and this is my second attempt at going without shampoo. I used to be a once a week shampooer until I discovered that I could go ‘poo free’. I tried it once and found after about 2 months it got so horribly oily that I washed it with shampoo. I have not washed with shampoo since but again it has been nearly 3 months and it is extremely oily (I have always had dry hair). I do wet my hair everyday - is this the problem? I have not used any other product in my hair.

I also have a question with regard to styling products, I have always used a leave in conditioner when I want to leave my curls out as I need something to tame the “boofiness” and fly-aways. I have not used any product since I last shampooed but have tied it back every day. How do I manage styling, do you still use product that will was out in water?


I use a DIY dry shampoo when oiliness is out of hand. 2 parts cornstarch 1 part cocoa powder (my hair is dark brown). I dust it is with an old powder makeup brush and brush it out with my BB Brush, until it looks good.

Eventually, I needed to do this less and less. Sometimes I get the oilier up top and dryer ends, which I then use liquid coconut oil (sometimes day one is more oily than I like by by day two my hair is fine again). But atm those are the two things I use on my hair besides water (dampening hair to style occasionally).

Also, I do not do all in the same day. I did my dry shampoo and coconut oil ends in the same day I smelt like I fell in a chocolate coconut pie, so I keep what I add to hair on different day than others. Like I am not going to style my hair with water same day I used the DIY dry shampoo either.

Thank you so much I will give it a go. First step is to buy a good brush!

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