Hair loss after 1 year of no poo

hi all. I’ve been no pooing for a year now. I have long thin hair, and for many years I have suffered from hair breakage/loss. It has gotten worse with every change of season (usually August and April). The no poo worked like a charm! After only one week there was no hair falling out everywhere.

After 2 months of water only, I started using baking soda and ACV two times a week, since my hair was still very greasy. The results were amazing, and everything was good until 3 months ago, with the changing of season - my hair started to break again. I reduced the soda & AVC amounts, and also reduced the use to once a week. but it’s not helping at all, the breakage is horrible, just like it was before the no poo. so frustrating…

I’m thinking of replacing the soda and acv to something else, what are my options?

I have blonde, fine hair. I used water only for the past 2 years. I wonder if it’s the baking soda that is drying and making the hair break? It wasn’t easy but eventually my scalp stopped producing as much oil because I wasn’t stripping it with anything (no shampoo, no baking soda etc.). Brushing your hair often (with a boar bristle brush) is crucial for the no poo method so the oils can get dispersed evenly to the ends of your hair. This is the best part because we have a built in conditioner when we have been paying for it all these years!
I found I wasn’t brushing or washing my hair (water only and scrubbing with fingers) enough in the first few months. You can tell because it might get tangled and kind of a wax build-up. I then started washing with water only every 2-3 days. Everyone’s experience will be a bit different and you just have to be patient and find out what works best for you. I really love how much more luscious, Fuller, thicker, more body and more manageable my hair is. No more hair in the drain.
I also use a regular bristle brush to somewhat exfoliate my scalp everyday. If dandruff gets to be a problem - a few drops of lemon juice massaged into the scalp, left on for a few minutes then wash like usual helps. Good luck!!