Greasy hair & hot tools? Toxic fumes?

Hello, so my little sister is on the no poo movement.
I went to straighten her hair and I literally lost my breath, coughing out of control. She was coughing too.
And the. Yesterday she had tried to curl her hair and I went in to the bathroom and had a crazy cough again!
She’s in about 31/2 weeks. And her hair is incredibly greasy. She looks like she just went swimming.
Has anyone had this issue?
Should she lay off hot tools until the greasy stage passes, if it ever does.
Thank u

I have straighten my hair since going no poo, but not recently. I believe that sebum must have a low burning point because I noticed it melts and redistributes very easily when using heating tools. Try a lower setting and instead of burning the sebum oil (I think that is what is happening here oils can burn- so perhaps sebum does too), just heat it slightly.

For the high grease/oil try dry shampoo like cornstarch or if brunette cornstarch/cocoa blend (2 parts cornstarch 1 part cocoa powder). Dust it in- start small amount and brush out (with a BBB) repeat till desired effect.