Going to try No Poo starting this week


I do have a couple of concerns. My hair is one length and very, very thick. It’s just passed my shoulders, and can be considered dry at times. I’m worried about how to detangle my hair without using conditioner. Does ACV really condition and detangle, or is there something else I should be using? What do you do about static in your hair? How do you smooth it down?


Baking soda dries hair out you’ll need ACV to conteract the drying effects. If your hair is already dry maybe you don’t need baking soda and can just use ACV. Since starting the baking soda and ACV method I’ve been putting aloe on the middle and ends before brushing. I use my hands/fingers to rub it evenly and then I brush my hair. The aloe helps a bit with detangling/smoothing and I think running my fingers through helps detangle before brushing to avoid breakage. I’m still looking for something that works better so let me know if you come up with anything. I kept my hair braided all winter because I couldn’t control the static…