Going to the Hairdressers! How?!


Hi All

What does everybody do with regards to going to the hairdressers. We all know their usual routine of washing your hair with regular shampoo and conditioner, so what should I do if I use natural shampoo bars and ACV rinse?? I can hardly ask them to use vinegar in their salon, or well I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing so. Honestly, I wouldn’t feel comfortable asking them to use my shampoo bar either.

Do you guys have any options for this? I really need my hair cut! Thank you :slight_smile:


Don’t be so shy. You are the customer. If you want them to use your own bar and your own rinse, go for it. If it was me I certainly would ask them to please use my bar and my rinse.


Easy. Either wash your hair yourself before going, and have the hairdresser wet it down before the cut. They could either rinse it or spray it (with water).


My salon is familiar with the no poo method & has something they use that does not affect the natural oils I now have established on my scalp after > 1 yr if doing no poo. Maybe your salon will also be familiar with the method.


Thanks for your replies guys. I like the washing beforehand option!