Found something that works okay

I found a cheap shampoo that does little to no stripping of the hair of essential oils. It is not from a massive shampoo manufacturer - so hardly any chemicals in it. Made the old fashioned way very naturally from whipped coconut extract. Now I know from experience that coconut oil and coconut extract is naturally very enriching and protecting for your hair.

The shampoo is Lacura Hydrate - Exotic Quench with Coconut Extract. It is the in-house brand sold by the ALDI supermarket in the UK.

Before I shampoo, I wet my hair and put Pantene Pro-V Smooth & Sleek conditioner on. It also has whipped coconut oil in it which sticks to the hair as an extra protective layer. Then I shampoo with the Lacura which does very little stripping. The pre-conditioner layer sticks to the hair and protects the hair while the light shampoo cleans the scalp.

Afterwards, I again condition with Pantene Smooth & Sleek conditioner with its whipped coconut oil, and then wash it away.

Then I use a tiny coin-sized amount of Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Daily Treatment Smoothing conditioner as a leave-in which prevents the hair strands being sticky. And it also prevents fizz.

The Lacura replaces Ultra-Mild Cussons Baby shampoo I had been using for over a decade which was discontinued recently.