Fine hair - transition phase


Hey there,

I have really fine hair, with little volume. Normally, I have to wash my hair every other day.
I started trying no poo several months ago. I started with absolutely not washing my hair for 30 days. Then I washed it with baking soda however, my hair was greasy two days after that again. So I tried to not wash my hair for several weeks again.
Now I managed to wash my hair as seldom as possible but the best result I got so far is that I have to wash my hair after three days again. Also the theory says, that I can brush the oils away by distributing them through my hair. However, because my hair is really thin it seems that even the lengths of my hair get oily by touching my sculp occasionally. I lately used an sulfate free shampoo again but now changed to a self made clay shampoo. However this shampoo leaves the oils in my lengths.
Does anybody as some tipps for me? Thanks a lot!


Hey there! I’ve just started the no poo journey. My hair is the same very fine and thin gets dry or greasy very easy. I’ve tried baking soda and apple cider vinegar, that did not work for me. I’ve also read many blogs that say castile soap works but the ph balance is very high and not good for hair. I was ready to throw in the towel then I discovered a formula that has helped my hair. It’s a mix of eggs lemon juice and vodka. I tried it for the first time today and at first my hair didn’t feel clean but as it dried I noticed it wasn’t oily at all! My hair doesn’t feel “light” like when I used regular shampoo it’s also not as shiny, but it appears clean and not oily which works for me for now. I hope this helps!


I noticed that mine doesn’t feel “light” either, it’s heavier, like it’s harder to move it. But it looks clean : ) Just give it time. Something else that helped me is using less soap on other parts of my body. Even less dish soap and laundry detergent. It helps your body adjust when you stop using a lot of chemicals. Trust me, you can still be clean without a ton of soap in your life : )


I have shoulder length fine greasy hair and find the only nice and clean alternative is egg white washed in cold water. I’m only 10 weeks in and don’t think bs/acv is doing me wonders, but love the egg white. I’m still greasy after 3 days, it’s not easy is it?