Dry feels after using baking soda


I tried my first no poo method this day, but I get dry feels to my hair and it makes my hair feels like sticky and hard to brush.
I used baking soda mix with water to be shampoo and I dont use any other product.
is that any mistake in my no poo method ?


Hi there! I went through the same issue. You need to use vinegar as a conditioner to close your hair follicles. Do a ratio of vinegar to water that you feel most comfortable in. Honestly, in the beginning I used to be very cautious and precise with my ratio but now I just scoop baking soda and put it directly on my scalp. Then I just put my head under water and scrub scrub scrub. Then with the vinegar I just pour it directly on my hair while my heads under water.

Its been almost 2 months since I went no-poo and my hair is definitely improving. It is much more manageable and softer. My hair is getting less oily as well. My only issue is I guess I’m not scrubbing the dead skin cells away thoroughly because I get dandruff easily, but that’s just me.

Good luck, hope all goes well.


I did my first baking soda wash thing too. And it got so hard. Like literally, my hair would stand if i pulled it up. i followed up by apple cider vinegar but the vinegar just seemed to harden it more. Is something wrong…?


You should look into not using baking soda, there are some people online who had bad problems with hair breakage and stuff due to baking soda.


Hi there, might be. Mine work fine.