Don't know what I did wrong


I’ve done this method before and it worked great! After a while, though, my hair became oily and gross; like there was some weird film on it or that feeling when you have leftover shampoo in your hair when you didn’t wash it out correctly (ew, I know). It even looked oily and gross! I really liked how soft my hair was! I was doing baking soda and ACV. I don’t know what went wrong!


Did you do a last wash with shampoo to get all artificial oils out? I am on fourth week (I wash weekly) and my hair slightly oily at first…

I was seeing natural hairs in Youtube (a movie) and I just see we have to get used a little bit. I also use lemon in my washing.

It is better to look different, not as the standar in magazines, and save the planet from tons of soaps in the sink…