Doing no 'poo wrong for 8 weeks?


I was an every-day washer but started only washing once a week 2 months ago. First week started off with using tons of dry shampoo and then washing and conditioning at the end of the day, then lockdown happened and I stopped using anything in the week, as I wasn’t going out anymore. Then about 5 weeks ago stopped using shampoo and just used conditioner to wash at the end of the week. After 8 weeks hair now seems to last slightly longer before becoming super greasy, but no real change that I can see.

However, now realising I shouldn’t even be using conditioner and should just go water-only, so I have a few questions:

  1. How often do you wash your hair with just water?
  2. Do you think I’ve made any progress during these two months or, as I was still using conditioner, will it be like I’m just starting anew when I go to just washing with water?
  3. How do I combat tangles? Conditioner has always been an absolute must for my hair. What would you recommend to help me stop it becoming too knotted when washing?

Many thanks in advance!

Hi AimeeW. I’ve not washed my hair or had any product on it, or even water since 18 March 2020 when my lockdown started. Trying to find out if anyone has just stopped everything and how it turned out. Not sure when I am meant to introduce water/prouct. Hair seems normal, no smell or issues.