Does brushing damage my hair? I have curly hair

I am No Poo for more than 5 weeks now. During the first 4 weeks my hair was not greasy at all, I really loved it, but then I had to use a conditioner and now it feels more greasy than before.
I thought to share my experience with you about:

- hot water washing:
I tried to use the method “as hot water as I can stand”, but it dried my hair, so I decided to wash it with only lukewarm water.

- brush with spikes & bristle:
I use this brush; the bristle cleans the dust off from my hair, and the spikes help to loosen it up, otherwise it would stick too much together.

- brushing may break your hair:
I guess this is what happened to me as I have curly hair… I brushed my hair twice a day for the first 4 weeks and I found that it broke along its length :((
From that point I decided to comb my hair first so that the curls get de-tangled, and only thereafter I brush it now.

- treatment:
Unfortunately I had to do something with my split hair (it is not just the ends) as I do not want to get my hair cut… so I treated my hair with Vichy Dercos instant filler that had saved my very dry hair from cutting in the past, and of course my hair feels now more greasy than as it was during the first 4 weeks.
I had only one treatment and I will not need to repeat it as my hair is greasy “enough”.As I said more greasy than before but I will not wash it out (with shampoo or hot water) as I am afraid that my hair would get too dry again. Of course this will slow down the natural oiling system build up, but I do not want to have dry hair.

So here I am now, hoping to get a balance between “not too dry, not too greasy” while the split length would get healed naturally with my hair oil or until it will grown down…
Patience, I guess,this is what I would need.