Does a boar bristle brush really make a difference?


When I first started the no poo method I read about using a boar bristle brush and all the benefits but most of those reviews were littered with people pushing a specific brand so I wasn’t sure if it was just advertising or the truth. I am one month into no poo and it’s going well except the grease build up in my hair between baking soda washes is a little excessive. Would a boar bristle brush really help with this or is a regular brush just as good?


Oh yes, it’s definitely worth buying one. It helps to spread the oils :slight_smile: Don’t expect the brush to turn oily hair in fluffy clean hair but it does help you stretch between washes :slight_smile:
I bought one, didn’t think it was helping until I had to do a week without because I had forgotten it at my boyfriends :frowning: tough week that was :stuck_out_tongue:


So I kept on with the boar bristle brush and I see if makes a difference but i’m still a little frustrated by using it. My hair is thick and I feel like it’s not getting to my scalp. I can’t feel it against my scalp and I feel like it’s not working. I have to sit there and do tiny section by tiny section of my long hair to make sure the brush is getting through and it takes a long time. Time I don’t always have with a 4 year old in the house. Do they make different boar bristle brushes for different thicknesses of hair??