Dandruff wiki page

We’ve got some info up at: http://www.nopoomethod.com/Dandruff regarding fighting dandruff using the no poo method.

Keen for any feedback on the page. Is it accurate in your opinion? Anything that we can add?



I went “cold-turkey” almost 3 weeks ago now and I’m pretty stubborn so I’m not planning on washing my hair any time soon. I never really had super-greasy hair, and it just got greasy a few days ago, so that’s not a problem for me. What I do have a problem with is dandruff. I’ve noticed that the itching has decreased over the past few weeks, but I think there’s gonna come a time when I’m gonna have to treat it with some of the shampoo alternatives.

So, my question is, will it work if I mix baking soda, ACV and lemon juice into a paste and then use it on my hair? I feel like it would be more practical and easy to do but I want another opinion on the result.