Cradle cap in toddler


Hi all,

My toddler is almost two years old. I’ve only ever washed his hair with shampoo twice, and he reacted to both shampoos. Since then, I’ve only washed his hair with water and nothing else.

For a while now, he’s had cradle cap on his head. I’ve been brushing it but nothing is working. I’ve just thought it will go on its own, but now I feel bad I haven’t been more proactive about it!

Any ideas how I can get rid of it. I read that it’s most likely because I only wash his hair with water that he’s now go it.

Advice please! I really don’t want to use shampoo.

Thanks in advance


When I had my babies, I was instructed to use a soft tooth bush on my babies scalp to prevent cradle cap. That worked fur my family. When my grandchildren came along my daughter received from her pediatricianthe news of that practice was then out datesd She was instructed to not use a soft tooth brush but to use olive oil on their scalps. That worked for them.


My daughter struggled with cradle cap when she was a toddler. I used coconut oil to remove the cradle cap effectively. I would put coconut oil on her scalp and let it soak there for a bit while she was playing in the bath. It softens the cradle cap, which I could then simply brush out with a comb and remove. It worked really great. I only had to do this once. Hope this helps!