Colored Hair-what to do?

Just started no poo and love it! I have fine hair although plenty of it. In 3 full weeks all I’ve done is give it an egg shampoo.
My hair looks fuller, is more manageable, and grease build up hasn’t been too bad. The boat bristle brush works great.
My question is: what about if you color your hair? I am in my 60’s. It seems I would have to wash it then. Does anyone else color their hair? It may be sacrilegious to do so, but I’m not ready to go au natural with the grey.

Hi there, I put highlights in my hair every few months. I use a small amount of shampoo to rinse out the bleach and chemicals. In a few days my hair seems to be back to the way it usually is when I’m just washing with water only. It might be that I only do the top half of my hair and use very little shampoo but I thought I would tell you my experience! :blush:
I say go ahead and color your hair. You’re already giving your hair so much love by never stripping it of its natural oils with shampoo anymore!


I’m a couple years away from 50 and cannot get away from colouring my grey roots. I’ve been no-poo (co-washing) for over 18 months, and my hair has never been healthier and grown faster. But I colour my roots every week and consider that my “full washing” as the peroxide would probably kill off anything on my scalp!

And I just use water to rinse all the colour out. A good scrub in the shower, and I can ‘feel’ when all the colour is washed away. I follow with my silicone-free conditioner as a wash and condition (as my hair is curly, so it responds best to some sort of softening product), and that’s it.

I’m quite aware this ‘breaks the cycle’ of a no-poo routine, but I don’t care - it’s worked for me!

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Thank you! I go to a salon to have it done but maybe I should start doing it myself. Reading what you do is very inspirational.