Coffee rinses/Coffee ground scalp scrubs

I’ve only recently discovered no poo. My hair is thin, fine, long, brittle and either dark blonde or reddish brown depending who you ask. Basically the worst kind of hair you can have. I also produce a LOT of sebum and have to shampoo at least every other day. Hoping going no poo will restore some strength/volume/ body to my hair, because it’s falling out at an alarming rate with my current regime (I’m only 34).

I’m on day six of not shampooing. I’ve noticed my hair isn’t falling out nearly as much (which is a relief), but is quite possibly the greasiest thing in the world. Even when I comb/brush (with nylon bristle brush), it still looks “wet” and gross.

Since I have to go out in public frequently (even with the lockdown) I’m very self-conscious about how disgusting my hair will look during the transition, and how long it might possibly take. I’ve read a bit about coffee scrubs (with grounds for scalps) and coffee rinses.

I tried it once (4 days after last shampoo). I saved up a bunch of used coffee grounds, applied them to my scalp, massaged, left on for about 20 minutes. Then rinsed first with cooled coffee and cold water.

My scalp did feel better and my hair was softer, looked shinier and (slightly) less greasy once it dried. For that day, I was able to go out with my hair in a bun (and smelling of coffee, which was nice for me) with minimal shame. It was right back to its full greaseball glory the next day.

My questions are: Does anyone else have experience with this? Is it helpful? Is it an acceptable “cheat” or am I sabotaging my no-poo progress?

Thank you for taking the time to read and reply.

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