Cleaning brushes

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This seems like an open door but my question is:
Will it cause any harm if I clean my brushes with hair shampoo that contains silicones? I found it wasteful to throw them away, so I have been using them to clean my BBB. I can imagine that silicones will adhere to my brushes and then onto my hair but I am not sure. I still struggle with greasy hair after 6 months brushing only. Maybe somebody knows?

This might sound silly, but I use up SLS shampoos as body wash, and “siliconed” conditioners as a skin moisturiser before I get out of the shower. It uses up the products that I won’t allow on my hair!

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Thanks, and doesn’t sound silly :slight_smile: soap is soap in this case. But great idea, I will start using this!!

Any lemon based wash seems to do wonders for breaking down hair oils on brushes. As long as you rinse well, shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

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I’m struggling with my brush. I’ve had it for years and so it sat around collecting dust. I am washing it regularly but because the bristles are so dense it just seems like a trap for dust and all kinds of crap.

I think I have dandruff (which I’ve never had bwfore) but looking at the brush I do wonder if it might just be this dust. I’ve been rinsing the brush a few times a week with mild soap/shampoo or soap nuts but I’m wondering if I need to soak it instead. I really cant see a way to really efficiently get it really clean!