Boar bristle vs wooden brushes?

I have medium/long hair (fine hair but lots of it) and I just started no poo this week. I want to invest in a good brush. Does the brush need to have fine bristles to “clean” your hair using this method? Please let me know your experiences :blush:

I have been using a shampoo brush by Sleek. You can find it at Walmart or Dollar tree and I am loving it, because it really cleans my scalp from oil buildup. However, My hair strands are a little dirty off the loose buildup but I will try brushing it while putting water. I am water only person. Is just loose buildup that has fallen on my hair. I switched from boars bristle but it was too soft and didn’t clean my oily scalp. The wooden brush was perfect but my hair grew thicker and longer so I bought the shampoo brush for $1 and I am well pleased with it. You can YouTube it.